Win, Lose or Draw?

Will humans win, lose or draw after our technology becomes more intelligent than us, that is after the “technology singularity”?

Site - WLDWhat do each of these scenarios mean?

  • A humans win after the “singularity” means that not only do we go as before but we do much, much better. The “singularity” represents a massive step up in our progress, productivity goes up, our health improves, our lifespans increase etc. Basically, all good. A potential window on that world is provided by films like ‘Bicentennial Man‘.
  • A humans lose outcome we probably all know very well what that could look like through films like the ‘Terminator‘ series. That is, basically, it’s over and out for the human race. The machines get more intelligent than us and more powerful and for whatever reason they don’t want us around any more.
  • A humans draw scenario is more difficult to visualise and refers to us getting to a compromise with this new race of intelligent technology. It might look like some kind of a deal where both parties respect each other. We carry on but with some compromise. Alternatively it could look like we compromise by merging with the technology with implants and so on. We go on but not as 100% human.

We can’t call it…yet!

“Never predict anything – especially the future”

Samuel Goldwyn

We don’t have a time machine or uber crystal ball so have no idea which one of these scenarios will happen. Where we can, we will classify developments as Humans winHumans lose or Humans draw on our articles.

Fingers crossed, more wins than losses!


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