About this site


Hi, thanks for dropping by. This site highlights the developments that could lead up to when our technology becomes more intelligent than us, what’s called “the technology singularity“.

Watch the great video below from comedian Brian Malow on TIME magazine that explains the whole thing very, very well in a few minutes!

tempWe’ll also cover:

  • the changes in our society that this journey to the ‘singularity’ is bringing about.
  • we’ll give an opinion on whether these developments are wins, losses or draws for us humans.
  • relevant examples from sci-fi because they illustrate possible scenarios (nb possible doesn’t mean likely or inevitable!).
  • the thinkers, experts and creatives who have contributed to how we think about all of this.

You can follow us for more regular updates and stories on Facebook , Google+ and Twitter

Feedback and ideas always welcome! Contact us through Twitter or by email humanswlord@gmail.com 

Adverts: Any adverts you see are nothing to do with us! They’ve been put on by Word Press and they get all the money too.


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