Your own personal AI helper gets one step closer with Amelia

Chetan_Dube_Portrait-1024x662We hear more and more about artificial intelligence, how it could change the world, take our jobs and so. But as yet, there’s not a very clear, practical example of an AI that we can point to as a tool or presence in our day to day lives. We have a sort of AI on our phones with Siri on the Apple and Cortana on Windows but they’re not the real deal.

“Amelia” maybe about to change that. She is the face and voice of an AI that’s starting to automate and take over the sort of jobs that call center workers might do. If and when she’s deployed to ordinary consumers there’s a whole range of things she could help with.

To understand more about Amelia, click on the pic above of Chetan Dube, the CEO of IPsoft, the company behind this. His interview gives an insight of some of the potential of systems like Amelia. Below is the sales pitch video. If you want to read more click on this link for an overview.



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