Best Tweets of the Week, including life saving drones, the cheapest 3D printers and a tribute to a PC pioneer

Saved by a Drone!

Drones seem to be making the cross over from weapons of war into everyday civilian life more and more. This article (click here) highlights five ways a drone might end up saving your life in the near future.

Why robots?

This simple overview is by ABB, a robot manufacturer. The short clip makes the case for investment in robots very simply and clearly:

The first cheap 3D printer?

3D printing continues to be a buzz but getting your own personal 3D printer looks expensive. A new Kickstarter project is looking to change that with a $199 3D printer.


And finally…

If you’re of a certain age and were in the UK at a certain time, Ian McNaught-Davis will a familiar face when its comes to personal computers. Ian sadly died last week. This tribute from the BBC stirs some memories:



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