Best Tweets of the Week, including NSA myths,the tech fight against animal poaching and women in science

The week we fought back:

On the 11th, websites and organisations across the world showed their protest against mass surveillance by the state. We showed our support with this feature. We also tweeted the article below from The Salon busting 10 of the most common snooping myths (click on the icon for the article):

salonGoogle and the hi-tech war against animal poachers:

Google has been hogging the headlines this year with its acquisitions but behind the scenes it’s also been helping the fight against animal poaching by bringing tech to the fight. The article below by Fast Company explains:

3026125-slide-1311game-techadditional12Women in science and tech:

The UK Parliament has been looking at why there few and declining numbers of women in science and tech research. This article (click here) by Athene Donald, Professor of Experimental Physics at the University of Cambridge in The Guardian gives some insights why.

And finally…

Events last week like the ‘Day we fight back’ and yet another major data loss, this time at Barclays highlight the dangers created by the amount of data we have. This infographic, sourced from International Science GTW, shows just how our volume of data has grown (click on the image to view and enlarge):


Image rights:

Cover photo: Copyright Cavendish Laboratory, University of Cambridge


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