Best Tweets of the Week, including the threat to humans from robot sex, a robot update and the Mac birthday

Robot Sex: are self-replicating machines are the next stage of and should we start worrying that?

This good, interesting piece by George Zarkadakis in The Telegraph outlines both the developments and concerns raised by self-replicating robots and nano technology.

The Lucas Plan, a solution from history for the problem of robot automation taking human jobs?

A great find by Adrian Smith writing this piece in the Guardian on a c.40 year old plan that provides some ideas on how we might deal with the economic and social challenges of greater displacement caused by automation.

Where are we at with robots?

An interview with Per Vegard Nerseth, the Head of the Robotics unit of a robot manufacturing business, ABB, gives his thoughts on where we’re at and are going. A useful snapshot of some of the current scene.

And finally…

The Apple Mac, which despite its flaws, still remain an icon celebrated its 30th birthday last week. Here’s a look at its launch including the equally iconic TV ad directed by Ridley Scott. One can’t help to see the irony that much of criticisms applied to the then PC dominant IBM by this ad can now directed right back at Apple!

apple mac cnn________________

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