Issac Asimov – A celebration of the author on what would have been his 94th birthday

IsaacAsimov 2 Issac Asimov was born 2nd January 1920 and died in 1992.

Many superlatives can apply to Issac Asimov. He became a professor of Bio-Chemistry, authored literally hundreds of books, both science fiction and real science and equally influenced both of those worlds. real and fiction with is ideas on technology that is more intelligent than us amongst others. His books have been turned into films like I, Robot and Bi-Centennial Man. He also wrote on social and environmental issues.

We celebrate the birthday of this polymath with three offerings:

1) How many of Asimov’s predictions about robots are coming true?

This piece from Business Insider contains a very brief overview of Asimov with a sideshow covering his predictions and which ones have come true. A quick easy read!

2) Asimov on robots on the BBC in 1965:

Two great and very short clips (!) of the man himself talking to the BBC in 1965 on robots and in the future how we may become like robots and them like us.

3) The Last Question (full short story):

A full reading (28 mins) of this short story written in 1956. It’s a great story of humans build a super intelligent and ask it to answer the last question, how could the end of the universe be avoided? It’s a fascinating insight into one vision of how smarter than us technology could evolve and the dilemmas it would present.

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