Best Tweets of the Week including Robocrop: robot gives David Platt a weave!

Haven’t see all of our tweets? Don’t worry, here’s some of our favourite tweets from us last week which we liked or just found interesting. Everything from Bladerunner tributes, robot controlled cars to David Platt’s new hair!

Sir Ridley Scott: We marked his birthday with our post and some tweets of Blade Runner tributes:

– The amazing Blade Runner in water colours by Anders Ramsell:

– This is a cool tribute vid by Samuel Cockedey:

Robot cars: An update on Nissan’s robot controlled Leaf car from FurisTech Info

Next Gen Computers: Brain-like computer of the future powered by blood from Channel4 News

RoboCrop: Ex England soccer captian David Platt has ‘Wayne Rooney hair transplant’ done by a ROBOT!? from The Daily Mirror

And finally….

Is ‘Bohemian Gravity’ the Smartest Queen Parody Ever?

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